The Business Kings model is to advise business owners on how to achieve the highest number of approvals possible with the lowest possible interest rates. If our client doesn’t carry a 700 + credit score there are a few proven strategies that we can implement to increase the score. Below is the funding criteria we need to help maximize funding. Click the apply now button now to begin the process of getting a funding prequalification number. (Even if you don’t qualify today let’s develop a plan to get you funded within the next few weeks.)


All 3 Credit Scores over 720

4 Plus primary tradelines with at a least mortgage, auto or multiple installment loans (student loans are excluded)
Minimum of 5-10k limits on Credit cards with less than 20% utilization
2 or more installment loans
Less than 3 inquiries on any bureau
Real, verifiable job
Zero Negatives

Credit scores 700-720 on all 3 bureaus

Not more than 3-5 inquiries on any bureau
Minimum 3-4 Primary accounts
1 or 2 Installment Loans
Minimum 5-10k Credit Card limits
Credit Utilization under 25%